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I am learning that it takes time to see God's glory. It is always there, but when I write I tend to look for it more. And so I write this blog. It's simple, thoughtful and a glimpse of the journey I'm on. I enjoy hearing your ideas, so comment freely.
Love, Lindsay

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Thomas Moore : To live ordinary life artfully is to have this sensibility about the things in daily life, to live more intuitively and to be willing to surrender a measure of our rationality and control in return for gifts of the soul.

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One down...three to go

I've been spending the last month teetering between completing the applications for 'MY FUTURE' and worrying about my occupation today. Silly me, I know. But, I wanted to share a victory! I have finished my first application and I received this e-mail today...

"Your application is complete with the Texas State Physical Therapy Department."

I was so encouraged, I got right to work on my application for Texas Woman's in Houston. We'll see what's coming next. Today, I'm feeling good and that's a good thing.

My heart was also encouraged this morning by psalm 16.

LORD, You are my portion and my cup (of blessing);
You hold my future.
The boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places;
indeed, I have a beautiful inheritance.
You reveal the path of life to me;
in Your presence is abundant joy; in Your right hand are eternal pleasures.

Have a beautiful day and never underestimate the person standing across the checkout counter from you. They just might tell you about their world travels like the lady at CVS did today when I went to get my passport photo. I love little surprises like that.

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  • Blogger Liz says so:
    October 18, 2007  

    I read that exact same chapter (Ps. 16) a few days ago in my quiet time! What a coincidence! :) It is a wonderfully encouraging verse. I'm glad that you are feeling encouraged during your application process. I will keep you in my prayers! top

  • Blogger Misty says so:
    October 21, 2007  

    Lindsay, you are such a beautiful person. I love how despite your tender time, you still manage to find beauty and appreciation in the little things around you. That's what makes you special, and that's why I think you are so wonderful. :) top