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About Facing Glory

I am learning that it takes time to see God's glory. It is always there, but when I write I tend to look for it more. And so I write this blog. It's simple, thoughtful and a glimpse of the journey I'm on. I enjoy hearing your ideas, so comment freely.
Love, Lindsay

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Thomas Moore : To live ordinary life artfully is to have this sensibility about the things in daily life, to live more intuitively and to be willing to surrender a measure of our rationality and control in return for gifts of the soul.

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Not your average gloves

There's something about the new year that makes us think about change. What will my journey look like this year? Will I read more classical literature, declutter my home or lose a few pounds? Maybe I will embark on a life-changing adventure that leaves me so invigorated I will never again have to bother with the minute details in life like laundry or bills.
Something I have come to realize is that life is a lot like knitting. You have to go out and explore enough to be inspired. Once you are inspired to make something, you have to get everything you need together in one spot. Find the right size needles, the perfect pattern, some yarn you find incredibly beautiful. Now I suppose you could knit something and leave the art out of it. Knitting can be strictly utilitarian or I can choose to use my talents to create perfectly wonderful art.
From my knitting I've learned a little bit about moving forward in 2008. This year I plan to balance the social and solitary sides of life. It is my time with friends and new faces that inspires me to keep dreaming. On the other hand, it is often my solitary time that allows me to work out the logistics of those dreams.
Making these fingerless, Texas winter gloves has brought some warmth to my hands and a little clarity to the future.

2008...It's gonna be GREAT!

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  • Anonymous Anonymous says so:
    January 08, 2008  

    I love you, your gloves, really love your pictures and that God has breathed His glory in you so that you exhale the *scent of Jesus on everyone you come in contact with.

    *2 Corinthians 2:14-15 (I think) top

  • Blogger Joanna says so:
    January 09, 2008  

    Hey Lindsay! So I am at school, putting off studying as long as I possibly can. I just stumbled across your blog. Thank you for posting your thoughts! It truly was refreshing, to say the least, to read them. Thanks for this blessing! Also, I didn't realize you were moving to Conroe for awhile. The next time I am there I'll give you a call!
    - Joanna top