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About Facing Glory

I am learning that it takes time to see God's glory. It is always there, but when I write I tend to look for it more. And so I write this blog. It's simple, thoughtful and a glimpse of the journey I'm on. I enjoy hearing your ideas, so comment freely.
Love, Lindsay

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Thomas Moore : To live ordinary life artfully is to have this sensibility about the things in daily life, to live more intuitively and to be willing to surrender a measure of our rationality and control in return for gifts of the soul.

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The good life

Life here is wonderful. Here...where is here? As of late I've been all over the map...Conroe, The Woodlands, Richmond, College Station...
School started today. I'm overwhelmed with blessings. Overwhelmed. Here are a few of the blessings overwhelming me...

:::I have dear friends at school. (Did I mention it's the first day?)
:::I didn't get overwhelmed at all today. (This is a miracle.)
:::My 'Big Brother' gave me the coolest back to school kit ever. (Including colored pencils)
:::My anatomy professor gives us coloring pages!
:::I am staying at my new friend Kimb's house tonight (see her husband's blog for more details Click here)

Life is pretty much amazing. School is underway and I just feel like so many things are going right. I'm not afraid of things going wrong anymore after the season I've just come out of, but Hallelujah for life simply working.

To my friends...if I'm not in contact as usual, know that you are still on my heart. I may not have the time to formulate an e-mail or make a phone call, but I'm still praying for and loving you. If you need me, never hesitate to call. I'm still here, just a little more structured for now.

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  • Blogger abbyjoy says so:
    August 26, 2008  

    you hold a special part of my heart and in my heart. i miss you a lot these days, but i couldn't be more excited for the newness in your life - God is so good. top

  • Anonymous Anonymous says so:
    August 26, 2008  

    yay for new friends. top

  • Blogger Sewing Momma says so:
    September 02, 2008  

    oh, lindsay lou... read it all. so happy for you. things sound so great. so glad you found kimb and joel. where do they live?

    see God knew all this months ago... it is wonderful to be in the middle of the palm of his hand. top

  • Blogger steph-a-ronie says so:
    September 02, 2008  

    whoa! way awesome, L.L.!

    God is indeed so so good! top

  • Blogger Jenn says so:
    September 02, 2008  

    thinking about you back in school friend! I hope all is going well. :) top